Top 5 Most Viewed Posts from the Control Freaks – 2014

To celebrate the new year (and because I’d rather spend time with my family than create new content over the break), I’ll be posting the top 5 most viewed blog posts here at the Control Freaks over the next 5 days. But first, I want to thank everyone for reading our little blog. It is […]

PhD Assistantship in Invasive Weed Ecology and Management Available

TBG Cheatgrass

We are actively seeking an outstanding student for a PhD project investigating the incorporation of threshold concepts and ecological site descriptions for invasive weed management on western rangelands. A successful candidate will be experienced with field study design and subsequent collection and analysis of ecological data in remote sagebrush landscapes. Travel to multiple field sites […]

Graduate student hurdles

When our advisers set up this section, we were told it was an opportunity for us to share our thoughts, experiences, and research as graduate students. For the most part we have focused on experiences we have had at conferences and our research. I thought I would share some of my experiences as a graduate […]

The Cows Jumped Over the Moon


Before I get to the point where the title of this post makes any sense, I would like to explain my research. I basically have two projects and the focus of each is on cheatgrass (Bromus tectorum) aka. downy brome. Although the Weed Science Society of America officially recognized downy brome as the appropriate common […]

Would you like to join the Control Freaks team?

The Control Freaks are searching for a new team member to join them at the University of Wyoming Department of Plant Sciences as an Assistant Research Scientist. The responsibilities will be 50% research and 50% extension related to weed management in rangelands and cropping systems. A Bachelor of Science in weed science or closely related […]

Cotton growers continue to battle herbicide-resistant Palmer amaranth

A new press release from WSSA was released a few days ago. The post is related to my recent post on cotton yields in the South. From the WSSA piece: “The current model simply isn’t sustainable,” says Stanley Culpepper, Ph.D., a professor in crop and soil science at the University of Georgia and member of […]

What’s going on in Wyoming weed research?

The Control Freaks have been pretty busy with harvest, establishing fall treatments, and the beginning of the school year, and consequently, we haven’t been posting much to the blog. Earlier this summer, we had our annual field day at SAREC (Sustainable Agriculture Research & Extension Center) near Lingle. The Ag Experiment Station recorded many of […]

Wyoming Cheatgrass Rapid Assessment ‘App’ Available

Cheatgrass (Bromus tectorum) is one of the most problematic rangeland weeds in the western U.S. It is capable of forming dense stands that may increase frequency of wildfires because of the highly flammable fuels it produces. Cheatgrass is one of the key threats to conservation of important sagebrush habitat for species like sage-grouse and mule deer. […]

Strategic Weed Management Workshop

Strategic Weed Assessment &  Management Program 2013 LEARNING by DOING 1:00 PM July 10 – 12:00 July 12, 2013 Ucross, Wyoming Many weed control tools are available to land managers ranging from livestock grazing to herbicides to competitive seeding. Land managers must often set priority species and priority locations to implement weed management based on […]

The Control Freaks are going to San Diego!

 The Control Freaks are headed to San Diego for the annual meeting of the Western Society of Weed Science. When all is said and done, University of Wyoming weed science will have presented 12 different papers or posters summarizing a variety of research projects. It’s been a busy couple of weeks getting everything ready. We will be […]

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