Wyoming Restoration Challenge – Weed Control Freaks Update


Wyoming Weed Science Control Freaks Update:  Our team has been busy over the past few months with classes and traveling across the country and abroad presenting research. The Wyoming Weed Science Control Freaks team consists of Carl Coburn, Clint Beierman, Clay Wood, and Julia Workman – all graduate students in the weed science group at […]

As consumers shift to non-GMO sugar, farmers may be forced to abandon environmental and social gains

GH Student Projects 052-1

Dan Charles at NPR has recently done two interesting pieces about sugar production. In the first, he uses sugar as a proxy to look at the environmental costs and trade-offs of growing food in different places. It makes for an interesting comparison because there are two completely different crops (sugarcane and sugarbeet) that can be grown […]

The role of reflected light quality in crop-weed interactions


This post is a slightly edited excerpt from an article we wrote for Reflections magazine. Plants need light – this is one of the first biology lessons children learn in school. Plants convert sunlight into forms of energy the plant can use to grow. Nearly everything humans eat is derived in some way from photosynthesis, […]

Enlist Duo registration being withdrawn by EPA due to “synergistic effects”

Sunflower sprayed with 2,4-D

Chris Clayton at DTN is reporting this morning that EPA is withdrawing registration of Enlist Duo herbicide. The decision was posted yesterday in court documents. From the DTN report: “The filing was posted in a Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals case filed by the Natural Resources Defense Council and the Center for Food Safety against […]