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When decorating your home, it can feel hard to tie everything together when trying to design the interior of a room. Interior decoration is an art according to many people but if you are a simple homeowner, it can be quite difficult to learn the basics of this art. Thankfully there are some pretty easy tricks you can learn to elevate the look of your interior as well as your skills in decorating for everyday life. So, let’s delve into it a little deeper and start with some easy skills you can learn by yourself. You might be surprised about how much you can do by yourself to elevate the look of your own.

Going Vintage

When it comes to interior décor many trends center around very monochromatic minimalist styles, but the reality is that many vintage trends are back on the menu, so to speak. Many modern interior designers have gone back to some very 1950s and 1960s trends with both color palettes and accessories. This is where mixing modern and vintage has a lot of benefits especially since many companies are now offering modern appliances in a retro veneer. You will see these retro-modern styles especially applied to kitchens and living rooms where it is very easy to tie everything together by centering the room’s design around a singular impressive vintage piece. Whether it is a beautiful 1970s coffee table or a chromed countertop, mixing and matching accessories is a great way to tie a room together.


Sometimes when it comes to decorating you simply can’t go wrong with the classics. One such classic of course is the use of marble. You will see that it is generally pretty easy to find affordable marble tiles in the UK or even in the US nowadays. A decade or so back there was a very Tuscan-inspired trend sweeping a lot of the design philosophies from which only marble remained as a trendy material in use. It is for sure a great wait to elevate a room’s design with a touch of refinement since marble has always been known for its link to luxurious spaces.

Keep it Simple

When we discuss interior design that doesn’t work one of the most common mistakes is making designs too busy. This is one of the easiest mistakes to make when trying to fill out a room. You can make a room too busy either by putting too many accessories around or simply by the design of the room. The big issue is often about patterns, this is why wallpaper has mostly gone out of style. As you can imagine trying to match different patterns can only lead to confusion and mismatching. This is why you should try to limit your design ideas to a single pattern and complement them using solid colors. This goes for both the walls but also the drapes you choose and what you decide to use to accessorize the room.


This is a pretty obvious tip but many underestimate the actual practical use of wood when it comes down to interior design. One of the most popular ways to use wood in recent years when designing interiors is by using wood paneling. Wood paneling was a big design trend in the 1970’s and 1980 and while it went out of style in the early two thousand it is back in force. Following the pandemic, many people need to feel their home is warm and welcoming and it is one of the greatest qualities of wood. One of the great benefits of wood paneling is that is very easy to match with other materials like fabrics or painted metals.

At the end of the day designing a room and a living space is all about making your space speak for you and to you. What this means concretely of course is that you want your living space and its design to fulfill your practical and material needs but they also can fulfill some emotional and psychological purposes. This is something a lot of people came to realize during and after the pandemic. The more time you spend in a living space the more you realize it has an impact on you. This is why generally when we talk about designing spaces like offices people will recommend light colors and the use of plants to make the space feel less oppressive. This example just goes to show that through interior design you can tailor your spaces to not only reflect your personality but also benefit you on a very real practical level.

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