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Wyoming Restoration Challenge – Weed Control Freaks Update


Wyoming Weed Science Control Freaks Update:  Our team has been busy over the past few months with classes and traveling across the country and abroad presenting research. The Wyoming Weed Science Control Freaks team consists of Carl Coburn, Clint Beierman, Clay Wood, and Julia Workman – all graduate students in the weed science group at […]

Toadflax Field Day in Cheyenne


Do you have a toadflax problem? Have you tried multiple management techniques? Does a yellow-flowered hillside make you shudder? Dalmatian and yellow toadflax (Linaria dalmatica L. and L. vulgaris Mill.) are species on Wyoming’s noxious weed list which can displace desirable forage, reduce species diversity, and spread quickly. These are just a few of the […]

Think you can restore cheatgrass-infested rangeland? Come show us!

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Wyoming Restoration Challenge 2015: Cheatgrass Millions of acres of western rangelands are negatively impacted by invasive species, and cheatgrass (Bromus tectorum) is one of the most widespread. Its ability to alter species composition and ecological functions negatively impacts habitat quality for livestock and wildlife alike. Hundreds of research papers have been published on its ecology […]

Historical Perspective on the Importance of EDRR

Prevention, early detection and expedient control of new invasive plant populations are crucial components of a high-leverage strategy in a landscape-scale invasive weed management program. Such a strategy is largely dependent on thorough and current knowledge of invasive weed distribution in an area. Weed managers may be unable to prioritize search areas or adequately develop […]

Cheatgrass Management Workshop in Pinedale July 15

Join us for a cheatgrass management workshop in Pinedale July 15, 2013. This workshop will discuss how to strategically manage cheatgrass to improve rangelands for livestock, wildlife and other uses. Morning will be spent covering topics in the classroom followed by lunch (provided) and a trip to several field sites to practice and further discuss […]

New Wyoming Weed Watchlist Field Guide Available!

Weed Watchlist Cover

A new publication from the University of Wyoming Extension is now available! The Wyoming Weed Watchlist Field Guide is designed to enhance prevention and early detection efforts of weeds not yet widely established in Wyoming. It was developed by students enrolled in the University of Wyoming’s Invasive Plant Ecology course of fall semester 2010. Each weed profile […]