Early Detection Rapid Response

Historical Perspective on the Importance of EDRR

Prevention, early detection and expedient control of new invasive plant populations are crucial components of a high-leverage strategy in a landscape-scale invasive weed management program. Such a strategy is largely dependent on thorough and current knowledge of invasive weed distribution in an area. Weed managers may be unable to prioritize search areas or adequately develop […]

New Wyoming Weed Watchlist Field Guide Available!

Weed Watchlist Cover

A new publication from the University of Wyoming Extension is now available! The Wyoming Weed Watchlist Field Guide is designed to enhance prevention and early detection efforts of weeds not yet widely established in Wyoming. It was developed by students enrolled in the University of Wyoming’s Invasive Plant Ecology course of fall semester 2010. Each weed profile […]

Will my beautiful garden flower become a crazed invasive weed?

dame's rocket (Hesperis matronalis)

At the Wyoming Weed and Pest Fall Conferece in Casper this week we spent some time discussing how many of our problematic invasive weeds were intentionally introduced as ornamentals. The introduction of new ornamental species into the U.S. is quite strictly regulated, so there is a good layer of defense from new invasives at the […]

Invasive Species Training August 23 in Cheyenne

Interested to learn about invasive plants, insects and aquatic nuisance species in Wyoming and surrounding areas? Attend the Detect-Assess-Respond Training in Cheyenne at Laramie County Community College August 23rd. Click here for more information! Like this:Like Loading…

Dame’s rocket on the move

dame’s rocket (Hesperis matronalis)   As I was driving through the Wind River Canyon this week, I saw showy purple flowers along the roadside. I stopped to take a closer look and found dame’s rocket moving out of what appeared to be a flower bed, across the road, and down toward the river. The species […]

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