Agronomic Weed Research Report - 2014

Project Leader: Andrew R. Kniss - Associate Professor

Compiled by: David A. Claypool - Master Technician


Gustavo Sbatella Assistant Professor
Carl Coburn Graduate Research Assistant
Jenna Meeks Graduate Research Assistant
Thomas Schambow Graduate Research Assistant
Clint Beiermann Graduate Research Assistant
McKenna Pieper Undergraduate Research Assistant


This report is intended for use by agronomists and weed science personnel, as well as companies or agencies providing support for weed science at the University of Wyoming. Mention of company names, pesticide trade names, adjuvants, or other products does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by the authors or by the University of Wyoming. The project summaries contained in this report are not intended to be used as recommendations for the use of pesticides, adjuvants, or other products, nor does it imply that the pesticide uses described herein have been registered for use in Wyoming or any other state. Always read and follow label directions when using pesticides.

Appreciation is extended to the following sources for providing financial support of weed science research at the University of Wyoming: USDA National Institute for Food and Agriculture, Wyoming Agricultural Experiment Station, Wyoming Department of Agriculture, University of Wyoming Department of Plant Sciences, Western Sugar Cooperative, BASF Corporation, Bayer CropScience, Dupont, Dow AgroSciences, FMC Corporation, Monsanto Corporation, NovaSource, Syngenta, Winfield Solutions, Wyoming Crop Improvement Association, and Wyoming Seed Certification.

This research could not have been completed without the cooperation of staff from the James C. Hageman Sustainable Agriculture Research and Extension Center near Lingle, and the Powell Research and Extension Center in Powell. In particular, we would like to recognize Bob Baumgartner, SAREC Farm Manager for his tireless efforts in keeping the research plots maintained.

Table of Contents:


  1. Clarity and Basagran as tank mix partners for Armezon
  2. Anthem & Anthem ATZ applied PRE and POST for Weed Control in Corn
  3. PRE/POST combination treatments for weed control in corn
  4. DiFlexx herbicide for weed control in corn

Dry bean

  1. Weed control and crop injury from experimental POST herbicide treatments in dry bean
  2. Varisto (imazamox plus bentazon) for weed control in dry bean
  3. Weed control and crop injury from F9310 applied POST in dry bean


  1. Exploring the Potential for Command for Weed Control in Sugarbeet
  2. Maximizing Nortron Efficacy in Roundup Ready Sugarbeet
  3. Warrant timing and best practices in Roundup Ready sugarbeet

Winter Wheat

  1. Herbicides for PRE burn down and downy brome control in winter wheat
  2. Spring Downy Brome Control in Winter Wheat
  3. Clearfield wheat plus tank mix partners for tolerance and yield
  4. Broadleaf weed control in irrigated winter wheat


  1. Spring Applications for Residual Weed Control in Fallow
  2. Fallow weed control


  1. Effect of Alion (indazaflam) applied in the fall on spring and fall emerged crops
  2. Ethofumesate rotational crop trial

Study Locations

  1. Dryland Studies
  2. Irrigated Studies