Wyoming Cheatgrass Rapid Assessment ‘App’ Available

Ed Young Cheatgrass

Cheatgrass (Bromus tectorum) is one of the most problematic rangeland weeds in the western U.S. It is capable of forming dense stands that may increase frequency of wildfires because of the highly flammable fuels it produces. Cheatgrass is one of the key threats to conservation of important sagebrush habitat for species like sage-grouse and mule deer. As part of an effort to develop a more clear picture of the extent and severity of cheatgrass in Wyoming, we are asking for assistance from partners across the state of Wyoming.

Landowners, agency personnel, hikers, hunters – anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors – can help contribute to a statewide effort for mapping the distribution and severity of cheatgrass in Wyoming. With the help of the Wyoming Cheatgrass Rapid Assessment, anyone can become a ‘citizen scientist’ by contributing data to the project. Aside from operating a smartphone or tablet (at this time only android operating systems are supported), all that is needed is the ability to distinguish cheatgrass from other grasses, to estimate vegetation cover and to mark a gps location with your device.

For more detailed instructions and to become part of the team, click HERE! Anyone who submits data will be entered into a drawing for prizes including a $200 gift card to Cabelas!