The drought continues…

The latest USDA-NASS crop weather report for Wyoming didn’t paint a very bright picture for the state. Winter wheat condition was rated at 38% good, 39% fair, and 23% poor or very poor. Yesterday, I was out looking at our winter wheat research plots at SAREC near Lingle, WY. I’d say my wheat strip falls squarely into the “very poor” category. I took a few photos of the plots to document the wheat condition. This morning, I searched through my hard drive to see if I had any photos of winter wheat from this time of year in a more “normal” precipitation year. I found a photo from April 12, 2006 for comparison. Below you can see what “Excellent” winter wheat looks like from April of 2006, compared to “Very poor” wheat from April of 2013.


Winter wheat at SAREC, near Lingle, WY

The good news is that we’ve recently gotten a lot of snow across the region. However, even with the significant precipitation, most of Wyoming, Nebraska, and Colorado are still in Severe or Extreme drought. I doubt the recent moisture will be enough to salvage any yield from this site, but perhaps some of the wheat that was in “Poor” or “Fair” condition will be able to use the recent precipitation to make a crop.