New Wyoming Weed Watchlist Field Guide Available!

A new publication from the University of Wyoming Extension is now available! The Wyoming Weed Watchlist Field Guide is designed to enhance prevention and early detection efforts of weeds not yet widely established in Wyoming. It was developed by students enrolled in the University of Wyoming’s Invasive Plant Ecology course of fall semester 2010. Each weed profile is written by a different student, so some variability in areas of focus is apparent. However, the information is supported by literature and is considered accurate and current. The field guide is not intended as a management handbook, but rather an educational tool for outdoor recreationalists, natural resource professionals, tourists, gardeners, agriculturalists, and others to aid in identification of unfamiliar, yet extremely important, weeds in the region. The highest leverage step in reducing potential impact of new invasive weeds in Wyoming is to detect new populations before they can become wellestablished. Small, new populations are easier to control than larger, older populations. The Field Guide is 8.5 x 11 spiral bound with pages for notes.
Weed Watchlist Cover

To download a free PDF version of the field guide or to order your own hard copy, please click HERE.