Month – May 2012

Weed control in sainfoin

UPDATE For a full list of herbicides registered for use in sainfoin, see this post: Herbicides for sainfoin Sainfoin is being promoted by a variety of sources as a good forage alternative to alfalfa. It has many desirable attributes: it has high nutritional content, it seems well adapted to Wyoming (particularly northern Wyoming), and it […]

Dame’s rocket on the move

dame’s rocket (Hesperis matronalis)   As I was driving through the Wind River Canyon this week, I saw showy purple flowers along the roadside. I stopped to take a closer look and found dame’s rocket moving out of what appeared to be a flower bed, across the road, and down toward the river. The species […]

Don’t Destroy Research!

3 simple steps for anti-GMO activists: Oppose GMO crops on the basis that there is insufficient publicly funded research. Destroy publicly funded research. Go to 1. There have been opponents of biotechnology derived crops (often referred to as genetically modified organisms, GMOs, or GM crops) since before the commercial introduction of this technology in the […]

Irrigating crops for emergence

This is a photo of something we don’t often see in southeast Wyoming: corn being furrow irrigated prior to emergence. The last time I remember seeing this practice widespread across the region was in 2002. In most years, we get enough spring moisture that the corn is able to emerge without the need for irrigation. […]

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